Could not publish LiveUpdate content to AWS


Hi everyone, I have setuped LiveUpdate on AWS using manual But when I am trying to create a bundle with publishing LiveUpdate content to AWS nothing happens. Is it possible to see the logs somehow, to understand where is the issue?

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Editor logs are located here:

  • Windows: C:\Users\ Your Username \AppData\Local\Defold
  • macOS: /Users/ Your Username /Library/Application Support/ or ~/Library/Application Support/Defold
  • Linux: ~/.Defold

You could also try starting the editor from a terminal to see editor output there.



Thanks, have successfully uploaded resources to AWS S3.
But I have question, I have found here Defold 1.2.97 has been released that:

Addressing a collectionproxy with collectionproxy.missing_resources can only be done from a script that is in the same collection as the target collectionproxy. A workaround is to use messaging instead.

Can you please tell if it is already possible to manage now?



No, I don’t think this has changed. You need to structure your code accordingly.



Thank you for your anwers, but I have one more.
In Liveupdate docs there is :

When an application stores resources, they end up on disk on the local computer or handheld device. If you restart the application, the resources are there and ready. When developing you might want to remove resources and force the application to download them again.

Is there is a way how to programmatically to remove these already downloaded (excluded) collections, to force client to re-download them without thinking which platform user use?

Using “print(sys.get_save_file(”", “”))" for me is “/Library/Application Support//”, but I could not find these excluded collections.



Why would you like to do this?

On macOS the files are in %user%/Library/ApplicationSupport/bundleid where bundleid is the id set in the osx section of game.project



I faced with publishing on Google Market that a new release of a game can take up to a day to update the app on users devices.

I am new to game development and the only way how to deliver it faster I thought that I can use defold’s LiveUpdate feature to control that process. If in some case I will introduce some critical bug, with forcing user to re-update the levels collection, I can faster deliver required bug fixes.



I set bundle id, but there wasn’t created a directory with that id, only with new hash and still no files found even that collections are excluded and are saved in aws bucket.



We have discussed adding a new function to remove a downloaded and stored resource. I’ll see where we are at with that function.

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Sorry, but no any updates? :slight_smile:



We agree that the feature makes sense to have for several reasons and we may be able to include it in the next release or the release after that.

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Great to hear, thank you!



Any updates? :slight_smile:



Yes, sorry. It will be done together with Live Update: Delete resource

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