Complete review of "Manual" Section of documentations


There are several broken links and images I found in the “Manual” section, I think I checked all pages in the “Manual” section, I specify each page and put a quote from part of that page so it would be easier for you to find them. @britzl

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If you run into any problems starting the editor, opening a project or running a Defold game please refer to the Linux section of the FAQ.

  1., the manual in this link is moved to another place so it’s better to change the link to that page.

An animation set resource contains a list of .dae files or other .animationset files from where to read animations. Adding one .animationset files to another is handy if you share partial sets of animations between several models. See the 3D graphics manual for details.

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A common pitfall occurs when working with collection proxies - please refer for this section of the input manual for more information.

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You can also write engine logs to a file and access this once the application has been shut down. You can read more about how to enable and access the log in the Debugging manual.

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Setting swap_interval is done by sending a message to the system socket: swap_interval

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To run an animation during runtime you use the sprite.play_flipbook() function. See below for an example.

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To run an animation during runtime you use the gui.play_flipbook() function. See below for an example.

the same page, there is a gap in the middle of the page:

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This can easily be achieved in Defold using the render script and the Fixed Projection set to a suitable zoom value.

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See Compression Types below for more details

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Call collectionfactory.create() when you want to spawn objects

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See set_time_step for more details

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Joints can currently only be created programmatically using physics.create_joint() :

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when you have a sound component set up properly, you can cause it to play its sound by calling :

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Spine nodes can be controlled in runtime through script. To start an animation on a node, simply call the gui.play_spine() function:

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To change this behavior, either supply your own modified render script, or use a camera library.

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Gamepads (as supported through the operating system and mapped in the gamepads file)

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the pointer over example or the button example to learn more

  1., all debugger control buttons images

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but optional platform specific configuration is done in the “game.project” project settings file.

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Creating an HTML5 application bundle as well as optional setup is documented in the HTML5 manual.

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While the game is running, you can use hot reloading as usual

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See the HTML5 manual for details on how to customize your bundled app


and lifecycle hooks



Brilliant! Thanks! I will start fixing these on Monday.



I’ve pushed fixes for everything but the debugging icons. I’ll also add automatic broken link checks.

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I think debugging icons can all be looks like icons in this page



The problem was that the debugger icons are svg and they will take up all available space unless a size is set. I’ve fixed it now though.

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