Compile C files with C++ compiler while building native extension (DEF-3084)


I tried to create a native extension to access sqlite databases in lua module. I know there would be buildin sqlite support on some platforms (for example iOS / macOS) , just need to link the sqlite lib would be fine. But for other platforms, I have to include sqlite3.c in the src folder and compile it with the extension.

It seems Defold cloud build system compile .C files with C++ compiler, I got lots of errors when I built the sqlite3.c (Please see the attached screenshot for more detail)

Could please anyone help me out of this? Did I miss some build flags?

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Hmm, it seems that’s something to improve upon. I’ve added it as DEF-3084

In the meantime, I would suggest building your static libraries “offline”, and add those to the /libs/ folder.
No need really to build static libs all the time.


Thanks @Mathias_Westerdahl, I’ll go with the static libs workaround. BTW, is HTML5 bundle support static libs? If the answer is YES, what kind of libs should I provide?


BTW, it is amzing the forum is so active, glade to meet so many nice people here, thanks to all for your kind help.


The HTML5 builds support regular c/c++ libraries, built with Emscripten.
Or you can have javascript “libraries”, modified to support Emscripten.

See our HTML5 example for an example, and also the Emscripten documentation for more info


Got it, thanks @Mathias_Westerdahl !


Don’t we have to use extern "C" { } for defining C functions in a C++ program ?

Long time since last time i’ve written C, but i would bet it has something to do with name mangling.


Yes, I used extern “C” { } for the c functions declaration. This problem is not about the name mangling, it is caused by compiling C files with C++ compiler, which is more rigorous than C compiler, and think some C warnings as errors.