Comment ending in `--]]` causes release build to crash when opened


The following comment causes a release build to crash immediately. No build errors occur for either development or release, which makes this a particularly nasty bug.

local math_max = math.max
local math_min = math.min
16:9 pixel ratio. The resolution is intentionally low to give it the retro-pixel look.
The actual screen ratio must also match, otherwise we'll get nasty looking pixel rendering.
local virtual_base_width = 640
local virtual_base_height = 360
local scale = 1.125

If we change the comment from ending in --]] to ]]-- the app works again.


I just tried this on my macOS machine and it works fine.

What platform are you on and do you have a minimal repro case available?


Thanks for checking. Looks like it was some isolated case since I’m unable to reliably replicate this outside of that situation. I’ll update if I ever encounter this again.