Collision work strange (SOLVED)


Kalispera sas dear defolders, after defoldjam didnot open again the pegasus but when i open now after new defold version the collision does strange things instead to do collision on platform like before the pegasus cannot go near platforms about 40-50 pixel away from every side. Also does trigger from sky without seem to touch
I tried do debug and engine crash why do not i open issue with log .
This before did not happening.
So how solve this do not know when happen in a game which working normal.
Thank you and be well
maybe if i put a new install of game engine will fix it?

I put the half px in box of collision and works perfect but why this happening? Also I have to mention that sprite has scale from object of player in 2,2,1 does engine changes any settings from before? and sth compare to collision and sprite dimension has changed? thanks



What if you change to a uniform scale of 2 for x, y and z?



i change the sprite of object even to 1,1,1 but again collision works as double like, only i think maybe happen this now because spite has bigger edges and is smaller inside, edges of his png i mean is draw with edges and not exact at borders. but before with this collision working, after not. so i made half collision and worked. Thanks

what u mean uniform scale to be also the z=2? thanks

i change to uniform scale z=2 and correct values is the half with exact on sprite to be, just engine saw them with z=1 smaller now is ok, and 60,64 values is double now thats why i had this happening. Is sth that you change in engine or like this was collision always. Because before was working differenting. thanks , anyway works now. thanks