Code editor => Ctrl+Y (redo) and Right-click not working (SOLVED)


Hi all!

I’ve been using Defold for 30 minutes now :baby: I was really excited but after a few minutes I noticed two issues (in the code editor) that really annoy me, particularly the first one (I don’t know if they are known bugs or what):

1/ Ctrl+Z (undo) works, but not Ctrl+Y (redo), which feels really terrible… Is this something normal?

2/ Right-Click in the code editor doesn’t work. Not as crucial (if the shortcuts work at least) but still weird.

(both are working properly outside of Defold)

Just wanted to report these issues, but if someone could help me with the first one, it would be awesome (I went through the forum and it looks like I’m the only one annoyed by the Ctrl+Y thing… or the only one to experience it??).

(I’m running Windows 10 version 1909 Family Version)





The Defold game engine, like several other applications, uses Ctrl + Shift + Z instead of Ctrl + Y, it’s just a habit, although it seems unnecessary and a little less intuitive than the classic Ctrl + Y.



Indeed… In my opinion, it should work like a text editor, not like Photoshop :slight_smile: (pretty counter-intuitive for a regular Windows user)

But I realize that I should have taken a look at the editor menu (where the shortcut is displayed) before asking the question… I feel a bit ashamed on this one :sweat_smile: (in my mind it was so obvious that I had to Ctrl+Y to redo that I didn’t think twice)

But thanks for the answer though, still very helpful!! :+1: (I should get used to it, and most of all, I’m relieved to learn this is not a super specific issue occurring on my computer only…)

Question (just in case): Is there a way to change the editor shortcuts?

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Huh! I’ve always used ctrl+shift+z in other editors (Atom, Sublime etc) and never really considered that any other key combination could be considered standard. :slight_smile:

Yep, not implemented. Right-click to bring up a context menu of some kind?


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Well, maybe it’s not :sweat_smile: Just the standard Windows “redo” shortcut, but maybe not in most code editors, I’m really not an expert.

On Love2D (that I was using a few weeks ago), Ctrl+Y was working though.

Yes. Definitely not mandatory but maybe useful for “casual” users (but not sure this is your core audience right now)

Thank you!
Not sure I’ll customize my shortcuts, but good to know this option exists.



Which editor were you using?
There are some resources in the Asset Portal that allow you to use a different text editor to edit code.



ZeroBrane Studio

Very “pure” and straight-forward :nerd_face:
(I love this approach but you can’t create mobile games with this tool, so…)

Thanks, I’ll take a look at them!

But since I’m not familiar with programming stuff… Just out of curiosity, how does it work?

Will the default defold’s code editor be replaced by a new one inside the “global” editor? Or will I need to code outside Defold and “import” my code?



In the Defold editor preferences you can set it so that script and lua files are opened with the external editor. From there you work normally on your text file and the experience is more line to what you would expect.
All the asset creation, debugging, etc will still happen in the Defold editor though.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: