[CLOSED]Looking for a programmer to make a game with me at #MadeWithDefold Jam 2022

Hello everyone.
I’m a 2D environment artist/pixel artist interested in the upcoming MadeWithDefold Jam 2022. I am looking for a programmer to work with me on a game in jam .
I’ve been using Defold for 4 years and have only completed a few pieces. I decided to participate in a jam to gain experience.
My preferred style is side-scrolling. Any genre are welcome, I’m ready to try any genre to get experience. My personal preference would be action, JRPG, or turn-based strategy. (But since have to be made in a limited time period, maybe adventure, action, or point-and-click would be better.)

My main interest right now is to put pixel art characters on a HD resolution background, like these.

Links that may be helpful are listed below. If you are interested, please DM me on forum or discord(sk#6540). (closed)

Thanks for reading!


Great idea! :heart:
I am actually very interested, but put my at the end of the queue, if there are any other devs wanting to collaborate with you :wink:


Hi guys, thanks for responding to my post. Thankfully, a couple of people have contacted me. Recruitment is now closed here.

I have enjoyed following your development process for some time now and respect what you do in the community. I am very honored to receive such kind words from you!