Clipping not working well with layers (DEF-2148)


Normally I try to keep any gui scene grouped with a couple of layers (usually just gfx and text to lower the number of drawcalls).
This work fine and render in a correct order.

Problem is that when I add any kind of clipping node it always gets rendered underneath anything that belongs to a layer.
It works fine if not using layers in the scene.

Eg. having a background for a ui popup works fine with layers (gfx and text).
Adding some kind of scrolling text in that screen using a clipping node will draw all that underneath the background.

I try to put that clipping node anywhere in the structure tree and also trying to assign it all the different layers but no result. It just doesnt get rendered on top of any node belonging to a layer. Is this intentional? A bug?



Appearently I have already reported this among other people …


So solution right now is: Dont use layers at all if using clipping :frowning:

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Any news?



Yes, actually. The ticket was brought to the surface by a team at King right before Easter. Me or @AGulev will investigate and figure out what works and what doesn’t and then we’ll see what can be done to fix it.