Client nor running on Win7 32bit due to "OpenAL32.dll is missing" (SOLVED)

Could not launch the 32bit game client on Windows 7 32bit. Error message says that “OpenAL32.dll is missing”. I’ll try to get some logs (if there’re any available) but it’s not on my PC, might take some time.

Looks like downloading and installing (manually) OpenAL32.dll fixed the issue.

It should be in the bundled game?

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You mean you can add it to Defold bundle? Not sure if it’s necessary, but we’ll try to make more tests.

It was a first try to launch our demo on Win7.

Yes, it should be part of the bundle when you bundle for windows.

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Oh, found it… well that’s strange.

Testers launched the game on other PC, I’ll try to find out if they might have displaced it.

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Oh… testers lost that dll somehow) Sry, our fault.

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