Cleanup of Editor 2 issue tracker on GitHub


I tried to recheck all my opened issues on github and found that 4 of 26 issues already do not reproduced.

That mean that progress of editor2 faster than we see in tracker.
I think, would be great if Defold users can recheck issues that they are opened.
(at least the most active users)

I am sure that will help to understand current progress and make priorities more clear.

(@Pkeod I can help you with it =)) )


Today is Issuepocalypse! :rofl:


Wow! We’re very very grateful for your help with this!


I can no longer reproduce , although difficult reproducibility was one of the quirks of this issue :slight_smile:


Three issues about the same

this feature is really needed )


Most efficient 24 hours ever :slight_smile: Well done!


This is why I love this community—great initiative! :heart: :tada::balloon:


I am checked some of my old issues for editor2 and found some do not reproduced issues:


Thanks for helping us! I hope we find time to fix that layout bug you reported soon!