Classic Solitaire Klondike


We will try and look into it, yes. Hard to tell if it is a simple fix or not, the question is why libraryFile.getPath() would return null…


Released in 1.2.135


I’m making a klondike right now, and I realized you could guarantee winable layouts by dealing cards from finished in order stacks onto the board and deck randomly. Then you could randomly move the top 3 cards from the deck to the bottom too. Maybe more important for the 3 draw variation. May be useful to you!

Even if you did this though there could still be a chance that the player does things in the wrong order and ends up with an unwinnable game. I think the Windows klondike didn’t do anything like this either, and even with random deals it still has 80% winrate so may not be super important, but at least you could advertise it as every deal is possible to win if played correctly.

Are you planning to develop your version more?

I would change the sound when moving cards. It is a little harsh. You can get really nice card sounds if you check the stock sound sites can probably buy one for commercial use for less than $5. Or get a deck of cards and record something softer yourself.

You don’t block the canvas right click context menu on your HTML5 build. You can put this snippet in your main script init to do this. It will not prevent you from getting right click actions in game.

if html5 then"canvas.oncontextmenu=function(e){e.preventDefault(); return false;}")

On Windows solitaires, the right click is used to send cards to the 4 foundations if they are a next card that can be played so could be nice quality of life to add.

“scores:” should probably be “Score:”

When time increases it can make the text wobble by a few pixels. You can eliminate this by breaking up the counters from the “Time:” text


Thank you for your advice, but we made a Classic game without tricks for increasing the possibility to win.

Only one thing that we did in this direction: a bot that played the most popular way and saved a list of seeds for a random generator. In the game, we have two modes: a simple mode that takes one of the seeds from this list, and hard - fully random.

About polishing things. Thanks, I’ll think about it when would working new version.


You did everything in GUI right? That’s what I’m attempting now. It seems like best way to do z sorting for the card nodes is to keep everything in a flat list and simply move nodes you’re moving around to the very bottom with each move, and to not bother trying to parent stacks together (other than relatively adding bottom cards first). Is that what you did? I want to make some other cards games next with more complex layouts, and it seems like keeping a flat list would still be better.


No, GUI here is only for GUI things. Gameboard developed with GOs


Ah, I may be doing it the hard way then! I’ll try to make it work.


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I definitely need to figure out with ProGuard