Classic Solitaire Klondike


A bit data of Classic Klondike Solitaire on Facebook instant game platform:

Interstitial Ads before win popup was added only 24th of april (a week ago):

(Link to the game in the main post.)


What will YOU do with your share of the $11?

Jokes aside though, is that high or low? I have little experience with distribution and impressions.


wow! almost 100k unique users/months? it seems pretty good to me .-) congratulation


It has bad fill rate.
I had no ads in the game on release (when we had a lot of traffic) - numbers would be better.
One more point: it’s just fast integrated sdk, game was not adoptated for intant games and their social mechanics - it’s just a basic game mechanic.

Numbers should be better for more instant games than our.

I share this data for people who know what they need from this statistics =)


Yes, but this number less and less day after day.
It’s ok for our game. It was just a fast and first experiment with instant games.


Probably depends really on how many viral features you implement. I would be cautious with expectations for IG. It’s a good opportunity but it’s going to get saturated very quickly and it looks like Facebook is already not giving as much free exposure to new games than they were before because of how many games they had in back review. A successful launch needs outside traffic.


There are rumours of in-apps on FB IG:



Analytics on this page is strange (they count zero value before ads integration), updated data just for days when ads was integrated:

looks like fill rate is not bad…


I wanted to make small update for klondike game and found strange thing: the build with latest version of defold is by 300 KB bigger than half year ago (Android).
But I don’t see changes in dmengine size here and @Mathias_Westerdahl told that he made a win some hundreds KBs in build size with compiler flags. Hm…


Hmm, this is surprising. Not sure why. If you unpack the apk can you then confirm that it is the .so file (ie the engine) that has grown and nothing else?


Just checked :
.so file smaller - yes, old version 2.5 Mb, new 2.2Mb
but classes.dex bigger: 3.1Mb instead of 2.4 Mb.


Well, by using the dexdump tool to extract the class names (grep with #) from the classes.dex from version 1.2.134 and 1.2.119 (half a year ago) from, and comparing the results, the diff looks to be from

  1. Adding support for multidex
  2. Updating the android-support-v4 jar file

Classes.dex has indeed grown from 2.32mb to 2.9mb in that time.
Personally, I’m not sure what can be stripped from that file, but I think being able to use ProGuard or some other tool to customize your builds could help.

Also note that on the dmengine size page, the size shown is in fact the dmengine_release.apk file that’s being measured, so the overall size has actually decreased.


Now I understand, thanks.


Yes, this would be a great future addition to the native extension toolbox provided to our developers.


I want decrease count of crashes in Solitaire game to minimum as it possible. I had a lot of iap crashes (DEF-3298) and I made an update using latest Defold (1.2.134) and now I have few new crashes instead of old ones, maybe it will be useful:

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)



@vilse and @andreas.tadic quick wins for this and next week?


Created DEF-3403


Crashes in /system/lib/ I’m not sure there’s much that can be done to this. Googling for “android crash” seems to indicate that this is an Android crash and not really caused by the app itself.


This is likely this line of code:

The question is what’s causing it (well, I know because it’s not hard to follow the code, the question is why). How many crashes do you have?