Chess For Millennials [A Tower Defense Game]


Hey everyone!

This game was an attempt to create a tower defense game using the rules of chess. I have a windows, mac and linux build here:

I made this project for the Miz game jam. The idea behind the jam was that everyone gets the same limited art pallet and has to try and make a game with it. I decided to use the provided chess pieces plus some character sprites to make a tower defense game.

This was my first ever attempt at a tower defense game. I think it turned out rather well, aside from the issues I had trying to create a web build of the game.

Every time I tried to create a web build, the audio would become corrupted (even though this wouldn’t happen with the windows build). I also ran into many issues with the screen scaling and converting coordinates from the screen to the world space. It would work fine if either the window was made wider or taller. In the event the screen was made both wider and taller, everything would strangely break. I spent many hours trying to fix this but ran out of time as it is a jam entry.

This is going to be my last showcase for a while, I’ve decided to stop doing game jams and instead just focus on my large project which I hope to share with you all in the future.

Let me know if you have any feedback!



Pretty cool! I lost because all my pawn towers were destroyed by missiles. Is there any way to repair them or was I doing something stupid? :stuck_out_tongue: Any chance you’ll share your project for others to learn from? I just started learning Defold so trying to learn as much as possible :slight_smile:



Hi! Sound like a fun concept!

Any reason why you are not also providing an HTML5 version?

Nvm, saw this now:

Did it not play at all or did it sound distorted? Which format did you use for the sounds?



I was using the WAV format with 8 bit resolution, 44100 Hz and mono channels. The music would become distorted, kinda like it was coming out of a broken car radio. It affected two out of three songs I had in the game being the main theme and in-between rounds music.

Here’s a link to a test of the web version, this is not a public link:

You can also see the camera bug I was talking about in this version.



Thanks for the feedback! You can move the towers during and between rounds so that they don’t get destroyed by rockets. I’ll update the tutorial to make it more clear!

Best of luck! I’ve been using Defold for about two-three years and I very much enjoy it. All of the games on my page I made with Defold. I’ve been working on a longer project for about two years now and I couldn’t imagine using a different engine.

Possibly, if I do I’d want to get it fixed up first and add a lot of documentation. I did a lot of strange things to get it to work correctly and it may not be the best thing to learn from. I’ll let you know if I do release the code!



I got to level 27…is that good ? I like this game :slight_smile: