Changes made to objects within a sub-collection are shown in the editor but ultimately ignored


I’ve got an empty project with a collection called “sub_collection” which has a single GO with a sprite in it. It looks like this in Defold and this when it’s run.

Now I want to squish the sprite a little bit, so I select the GO and change scale.x to 50. This has no effect and the sprite looks the same as it did before. And indeed - if I quit Defold and open the project again, this change will be undone.

The correct way to do it is to open the sub_collection directly and edit the scale there, which works just fine.

But when editing just the sub_collection, you can’t see anything else. I ran into this because I wanted to make my outline a bit tidier, so I put interactive objects into a sub-collection and had the tilemap which contains the basic level geometry elsewhere, but this would make it tricky to place the objects in the right places.

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