Change physics settings when using the Defold examples project for 3d

For all of my projects, I take the excellent examples as a guidance.

When making my splash, I ran into this problem:

I then debugged and found this:
without splash, all fine

with splash:

As you can see, this world looks different.
I was really desponded and wanted to abandon my whole project.
This morning, I decided to make a final attempt at saving it.
I took the 3d template and brought my model in, made the splash and debugged - and everything worked.
I finally looked at the settings in the project file:
And these are the ones from the example. For quick testing, I had stripped the examples down to the splash, brought a small model in and changed the physics to 3d. I did not look further down at this:
Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 08.48.30

Just wanted to let you know in case you sometimes do the same and then wonder why some things don’t really seem to work in 3d: change the gravity settings!