Can't run the side scroller game tutorial


Hi, I’m new to Defold and running it on a 64 bit system (Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS). I have an issue with the side scroller tutorial, on the 1st step, which is to run the game (Project >>> Build). I’m getting the following error. How do I resolve this?

/home/“name”/.Defold/unpack/e6badbdfbe3d296da36f9f8e2e4848ffdfb9a971/x86_64-linux/bin/dmengine: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


You need to install libopenal1 . The package name varies between distributions, and in some cases you might have to install the openal and openal-dev or openal-devel packages.

(From the FAQ