Cannot open my Defold project on Mac Catalina 10.15.3 (SOLVED)


After starting defold version 1.2.175 it crashes without any error.
Reinstalling new stable does not helps.

While starting the project defold suggests to update the engine, no matter I update it or not - it does not helps.

If I try to open for example druid extension as a project - it opens it fine.

Github issue with editor logs.

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Does it work if you revert to an older version btw?

Thanks! I posted an answer.

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I think I have found where is the problem. I guess it is related to this change: and that I used “/gooey/themes/kenneyblue/components/button.gui” as a template in one of my gui.

Is it possible to set specific version of dependencies in game.settings file?



Also it is quite risky that change in one of the dependencies can crash the whole engine and it is not possible to see in the editor logs, which dependency or gui is throwing an exception.



Yeah, in the latest release of Gooey (9.0.0) I moved the themes to separate GitHub repos. I found that the asset/image browser in Defold became quite messy from all of the images that were included for the three Gooey themes. Having the themes in separate repos avoid this problem.

You should always do this! The installation instructions for Gooey and most other extensions and libraries usually say something like:

“Or point to the ZIP file of a specific release.”

In your case you need to pick the release prior to the breaking change. That would be version 8.1.1:

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I agree. This is not good at all.

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