Cannot log in to Defold Forum using Firefox (SOLVED)


“Log in with Google” button stays greyed out on Firefox for Windows. Chrome is fine.


Ping @samuel.nystedt!


Hey @Ben_James I tested this on latest Firefox 62.0.3, on a Windows 8 machine and it works there. Which version are you on?


62.0.3 here too on Windows 10.

Have tried disabling all add-ons too but same problem.


After enabling third-party cookies the log in now works again. Will mark as solved.


Good find! Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into if we can improve this somehow. At least we should give a proper message with suggestion to enable 3rd party cookies.


Hey @Ben_James, should be possible to log in again with 3rd party cookies blocked if you prefer that :slight_smile:


Good man! That’s perfect :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the same problem on Firefox, Ubuntu 64-bit 17.10

Had to download Chrome.


Hey @skg. We just tried the sign in on a Ubuntu machine with Firefox, but couldn’t reproduce the issue. Does the issue still occur for you? If so, could you clear your cookies and try again? Thanks.


It’s working now. I had the problem about 1-2 months ago.