Cannot delete a project (SOLVED)


Hi there, for some reason I cannot delete a project that I don’t need from the dashboard.
Here is the error I receive when pressing ‘DELETE FOREVER’ button:
I have been unable to do it for a long time now, I thought it was some bug, but it was never fixed.


It sure sounds like a bug. Thanks for reporting. Ping @samuel.nystedt and @anon18330549


Hey @BeLuckyDaf—sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting the issue. I can’t reproduce the issue; could you invite to the project in question? Also—what OS/browser are you on?



Added you to the project @anon18330549 . This particular time I was using Google Chrome, but as far as I have tried, it works in any browser, on any device.


Just found out that errors come and go all the time. This one appears just when I load the page, I think it speaks for itself, probably the repo got deleted somehow, and the project remained.

UPDATE: Yep, there’s certainly no repo.


Deleting a project from the dashboard does not wipe your local copy. Does the project show up in the dashboard project list or how do you get to the faulty dashboard page?


Yes it does show up in the list and I don’t have a local copy, since I created this project a long time ago and changed several PCs since that time. I can change the name and description, but I can neither delete the project, nor download the remote copy.

And it also shows up in the list of projects in the engine, but when I click ‘import project’, it shows the error, that I posted in the previous message.


@BeLuckyDaf not an ideal solution – but since I’m in the project, you can transfer the ownership to me, and leave the project yourself. Then it at least won’t appear in your dashboard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@anon18330549, that is what I am going to do then. Would be nice to know what caused this behavior anyway. Could be somehow related to the creation of a community page. Just a thought.


Yeah, I agree. I can try to do some investigation now that I have the project. I’ll let you know if I find out what the issue is.


Maybe the project is haunted? Just be careful when messing around with it!


Now that I’m digging around in it… the very last commit was done on this very day—5,000 years ago :open_mouth:


We have now patched this bug and it was released this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!