Cannot add collision shape to collision box

I am making a 2D platform game and I opened my main collection to add a new factory object to it and I found no sprites were showing in the editor. I checked to see if they were still in atlas’s and tile sources and they are. I then noticed my collision shapes (boxes) were missing. I tried to add them back in and could not find the add shape button when right clicking the collision object in the Outline area. Any help on resolving this would be great.



My advice would be to click on your sprites in the column on the right and just point them to the right atlas/sprite again. If the atlas/tilemaps still exist and everything is right, just reconnect them and see if they appear again… That would be the first thing to try.

Hi 88.josh,

Thank you very much for replying, I sorted the issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling defold and everything is working correctly.