Can I create tools in Defold?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working a lot with Unity but I’ve seen a lot this Engine named, so I wanted to give it a try cause I’m about to start a new project. But can I create tools for dev helping like map makers or stuff like that? you know like creating a tool to build maps inside your game and then use it with other tools to make your development experience way easier?

Yes you can, using tables and saving. It would be an interesting challenge.

Sure! You can use something like DirtyLarry for GUI and add your own custom UI components. And you can have snazzy save/load and native menus like shown by Sven in DefAnimator.

If you are wondering about if you can actually extend the editor (like in Unity) and create tools that way, it is not possible with the current public Editor. Fortunately Editor 2 is very close at hand and will feature these possibilities.