Call for tutorial and sample suggestions


The current list of new project tutorials and samples in the editor is pretty limited. We’d like to provide a good, varied set of starting options for new users so we’d like to hear from you what you would like to see. If you are a seasoned Defolder, try to think back what would have helped you getting up to speed faster.

Here are some ideas to start with. Add your suggestions and then we can make a poll.

  • GUI screen flow tutorial/sample. Start screen, level selection, pause screen, very simple gameplay.
  • Top down car driving (GTA/GTA2 style). Car physics and chase camera.
  • “Boulder dash” partial clone. Grid based mix of tiles and game objects. Custom physics.

[EDIT: Added per request]

  • 3D tutorial.

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I really would have appreciated a good 3D tutorial, there was none when I started. That would be useful for advanced developers who are new to Defold.
Top down car example is good too.



Yes, 3D is a given. The main issue is that our 3D tools are so limited so the experience is not exactly stellar. I would prefer to have a better editing experience first, but maybe there are aspects of 3D that we should do anyways.

In the meantime… Here’s one that seems quite good: :slight_smile:



Thank you for such kind feedback on my tutorial! :sunglasses:


  1. mobile game example for different screens sizes/resolution with simple gui and gameplay

  2. +1 for tile grid and maybe import from tiled editor



Tutorial on unit testing and explaining why it’s useful. Not enough gamedevs in general use it.



More tutorials on building out non-programmatic game content in the editor, like an RPG style. Or introducing other tools to do this, such as Tiled. I found it hard to adjust to defold because the lack of string properties which is the naive way to build out content that defold tries to avoid.



One type of game I almost always starts to implement on new platforms is a classic platform game containing:

  • Player character (jump, run and climb)
  • Static platforms
  • Ladders
  • Moving platforms (this is often the most challenging part to get right)


A new tutorial is up. It is about GUI screens, navigation between them and loading levels (with proxies). Please check it out and come back with suggestions and notes!

Also here:



Can we submit tutorial template projects / template projects in general for inclusion?

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We’d love to have community resources of all kind easily accessible in the editor. I’m not sure how we should do that practically though. I’ll talk to the team.



Some feedback from twitter:

Bob Gardner Replying to @defold
I’d like to see the “idiomatic” way to do weapon systems, for picks ups. It’s something I struggled with, how to do it in such a way that I didn’t complect the player model with the weapon model.

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I support wmjoers :ok_hand: I would very much like to see such a lesson.



I’d love a tutorial on C++ native extensions



A simple non-linear dialogue tree system in Defold, maybe? For beginners like myself sounds kinda hard.

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