Cairo Extension for Defold

Ive made a Cario extension for Defold that includes a bunch of widgets and weird things :slight_smile:
There are panels, buttons, lists, exploders, imagesliders, etc… all in lua, so you can easily build your own widgets for all sorts of use cases.

Feel free to download and mess with. I have only tested on Linux, but it should work on Windows and OSX. Will get around to testing them over the coming weeks once I have sorted out layer management.

Oh… yes, I know. I really need some nice art for a demo :slight_smile:


Very cool!
A question. Why did you choose Cairo over Dear ImGui?

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Good Q. I like ImGui btw. This is from my own engine I built around 5 years ago which used luajit + cairo and a bunch of lua ffi tools running OpenGLES. I kind of did it as a litmus test to see if I could use some of what I had already built in Defold. And it seems to work well :slight_smile:
… so its likely I’ll add my 3D side, and Newton physics and a number of other things.
Im building a little project that will utilise these features.
Hope that helps.


Looking forward to seeing those! Good luck.


This is great! Thanks for sharing.


If interested a simple version of the original engine is here (this is what Im porting):

Runs on win and linux, not tested much on OSX.