Build timeout


@nasthu, could you please take a look at this?


Well, the screenshot extension should support building with Clang 6 now, what errors did you actually get?
Since the clang builds each .cpp file in less than a second, but cl.exe (the current default compiler) takes almost one minute, I would strongly suggest you try making your build work with clang. Soon we’ll also make the clang the default compiler for Windows.

Would it be possible to share the project with me? Or at least the extensions that you use?
Perhaps I can reproduce it locally, by using some net limiter on my computer.

I see in your stats that the upload takes ~8 minutes for each platform, I will try increasing the Editor timeout to 25 minutes (it’s at ten right now) to see if that actually helps.


Hi Mathias,

For the uploading test, i guess you may reproduce it with a lib like google probuf. The key point is to uploading a large file to the build server. You can observer the detailed network traffic during uploading.

Indeed we also want to use the clang 6, but the build is failed.

The building error for the pragam pack might be introduced by a socket extension base on following lib. (1.0 MB) . This is the only pice of code using pragma pack in our project. Maybe this compiler topic shall be continued in another post:


What protobuf version do you use?


Also, how many .cpp files does your project contain (in total, in all the extensions)?


Now, we’ve released a fix for DEF-2410 in Editor 2
(version: 1.2.143 sha1: 733561c366c9b1593d2011ad61757dccdb8fb505)

What this fix does is that it will upload all Native Extension resources the first time you build. But the next time, if a “larger” file was unchanged, it will not be uploaded to the server. Instead, the server uses a cached version of the same file. This is very useful for .lib/.a files etc.

Bob.jar will have this feature as well in the next release (1.2.143)

Edit: Due to some issues, this feature is currently disabled. We’ll rentable it when we’re back at work in January.