Build timeout


I use defold-win32 to build game, my game has some native extension, when I build the game, Defold editor hang for about 10 minutes, and then tell me the timeout result. This happens almost every time when building the game. It won’t happen in macosx

Anyone could help?


I’m in china, I visit, it has response:


@Mathias_Westerdahl, anything in our logs?


We’ve previously seen this problem when the internet connection is fairly slow, could this be the case?
By checking the server logs, it seems it times out when the build is done, and it tries to send the result back to the user (<5mb). I’m going to see if there’s a setting to increase the timeout from 30 seconds.


Almost every time I build the game,It timeout.The point is, I need to wait 10 minutes(not 30 seconds).


Yes, it’s a three step process: Upload, Build, and Download.
The Upload/Download parts are dependent to the internet speed.

The Build part for Win32/Win64 is currently very slow and we’re actively working on improving it (From several minutes down to only 5-10 seconds depending on content). We should have some improvements in a few releases from now.

In your case, the logs says it takes exactly 6 minutes, so if your build takes exactly 10 minutes (does it?), that means it took 4 minutes to upload your source. It’s relevant since I need to figure out a good timeout value for the Download step.


The day before yesterday the build took exactly 10 minutes,But this morning,It took less than 10 minutes,about 6-8 minutes.
Why the build part for win32/win64 very slow?


The tools we use in combination makes it very slow, so we’re replacing some of them.


Right now, how long it takes in build part for win32/win64 ?


Right now it takes between 1-5 minutes.


How about that for macosx?


Between 1-16 seconds (same for iOS).
And these are the times we strive for for Win32/Win64 as well.
We’re actively working on this.


OK, I just wait.Right now, I just not closing Defold editor.


The static libraries used by the native extensions might be quite big (libprotobuf.a is bigger than 50 MB, for example), uploading these libraries take too much times, which make the build process is miserable for Chinese developers ( you know we have GFW, the build process take more than 10 minutes). I am wondering if the build server can cache the static libraries based on hash digest to avoid the repeating upload process? Of course, it would be great if you can open the build tool chains to the developers as I asked before. :grinning:


Notice that the libprotobuf.lib used with win32 build is only 20MB, much less than the libprotobuf.a used with osx build.Why the build part of osx won’t timeout and build for win32 timeout?


This timeout issue will cause my work stuck.So it is very urgent.I hope this issue solved as soon as possible.


Caching the libraries is definitely in the plans!
First, we’ll fix the build step, next the caching.


OK,I hope defold be better and better


Not sure really. The timeouts are when zipping the custom engine and writing the HTTP response. @nasthu and I are looking into this.


I think if it is difficult to speed up the build steps,it’s possible to extend the timeout times in win32 build, Such as 20 minutes.