Build Error: Unable to find resource

Hello. I’m back and have question. During the build I have encountered this error:

	Unable to find resource Assets/images/Main Menu/Animation/Main Menu Animals.a.texturesetc

It is texture from a spine scene in gui. The game itself is working correctly. Also I dunno why its refering to game.project. What can be the case?
Defold: 1.3.3

If you use 1.3.3 then you need Spine Extension 1.0.x
1.1.x is for 1.3.4

The latest version of 1.0.x is Release Temporary texture fix · defold/extension-spine · GitHub


Let me try to use specific release. I usually not specifying versions of extensions.

It seems that temp release 2.0.10 fixed this error for now.


I had exactly same issue, but I can fix because of your reply. Thank you!