Bring Me Cakes. Red Riding Hood Puzzle


Lovely graphics! Could you tell us a bit more about the gameplay? I assume you’re playing Red Riding Hood and you need to collect and bring cakes to your grandma? Do you have a video of some game play?



@britzl This video made with old game build.



It looks great! Thanks for sharing!



I think it really looks awesome. Great mobile scope, excellent production.




Looking good!



Last few weeks was hard. We made many small things, it’s looks like “do nothing” but in fact it’s much works.

At first, we integrated sounds and music for a 2 worlds and menu.
For example our game track for the first world:
(sound design and music made by Alexander Ahura )

Next big thing is integrated analytics:

  1. Defold Analytics - it’s was easy ) just put key and thats all.
  2. Facebook Analytics - the same, just put key to settings. And set events in all places.
  3. Google Analytics - using library by @britzl : Google Analytics for Defold (Thank you for this lib and for a so rapid help with my bug fixing - it’s really helps)

Some new things, like option popups, new gift animation, many particles and small effects everywhere etc:

A third world animations and logic, some of them:

IAP - It’s was easy, the api really simple!
But I didn’t make an in-app purchase restore. Still no idea how it should be. Maybe somebody now where I can see example?

I tried to integrate ads using def ADs, but I could not make it’s works properly.
But today I talking with Nick from Giftgaming, and will try to integrate it one more time.



What kind of products will you be selling? Will you do any server side validation of receipts? Will you keep track of user inventory on the backend or will all of the bookkeeping be done in the client?

A call to iap.restore() will restore any non-consumable items. The iap listener will be invoked with iap.TRANS_STATE_RESTORED for each product that is restored.


Restore purchase (DEF-2738) SOLVED

Cool, thanks.
For now all IAP code on client side.
We will have few non-consumable items but for now all items consumable.
I dont want to do server, but I think I should for a progress save and sync.

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You should look into PlayFab. It would fit very well with persisted user progress and similar. They also have receipt validation for iOS and Google Play.



Biggest changes last month:

  • added alternative way for a first chapter with the easier levels (it is 19 new levels)

  • fully finished sound design and music for the game.

And, of course, many small things and fixes (including prepare for GDC Competition).



Optimisation is one of final step of game development.
But after @Mattias_Hedberg post, I tried to optimize one of scene.

It’s the shop collection, with 3 tabs. All made in gui.

fist tab with particles and a spine animation. Other just boxes and text nodes.
And results:
1st tab:
before: 24 draw calls
after: 7 draw calls

2nd tab
before: 45 draw calls
after: 2 draw calls

3rd tab
before: 48 draw calls
after: 2 draw calls

The main tricks are:

and Layers.

One more thanks @Mattias_Hedberg !!!

And I continue my optimisations with other scenes =)


Interpreting the visual profiler information
How to "merge" sprites in defold

Wow, nice optimisations!



Haha, that’s fantastic! Great job @AGulev, and super useful post @Mattias_Hedberg!



Last week we are worked on prepairing to GDC - it is many works with materials and other non game development things.

But we made few interesting things too.

I am finished with performance optimisation. One more achievement is optimize main scene of first world from 160-170 drawcals to 10-12 drawcals. This was made possible by replacing software tint trees to tint and save textures of trees.

We finished with levels of third world and many other small things.

Also we made small playable demo with uniqe 8 levels (final game has other first levels): (but I can’t edit main post to add this link :frowning: )



How did you animate the girl?
Is it Spine “pseudo” 3D or real 3D renders?



It is 2d and spine.

Our animator’s article about it (in russian)



I’ve added the link to the main post for you. Why couldn’t you edit the main post btw?



This is the first time that I’m playing Bring me Cakes and I must say that it looks and plays great. You guys have done a fantastic job and I’m sure the finished product will be a really great game.



It’s some protection for old posts or posts with many edits, I don’t know exactly.

Thank you! :blush:

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