Bring Defold to the opposite side of the earth

Defold is such a wonderful game engine.
It is small and exquisite, but it runs as precise and accurate like watches
It is completely free, and there are many kind contributors from the community.
People opposite the earth cannot get benefits from it.
They sometimes cannot open websites of Github or Defold.
They cannot connect to the build server so that they cannot build their games after a hard development.
I am currently working on connecting Defold to the people opposite of the world by a proxy server.
Of cource there will be difficulities:


404 File not found:

build server: proxy
extension: colyseus-defold (it make use of the “websocket extension”)
error: Unkonwn source ("/websocket/ext.manifest" if “websocket extension” is fetched) + a 404 web page.

You could setup a build server in Asia for Defold + setup an automatic system that downloads and servers specific Defold related project releases so that the zip files are more accessible. Example projects are pulled from GitHub though and I think that is hard coded in the launcher.

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Here’s a potential hosting option with their Singapore (SIN-01) location that seems to be reliable. I don’t know what the min specs are for the build server.

AWS also has a Singapore option now too and that may be what you want to use / maybe the Defold foundation can set up a build server there / pay for it so that Defold is more accessible to people in Asia.

There are entire GitHub mirrors being hosted in Asia. As in they either proxy or scrape everything and rehost. There is a security liability in using them but they do exist I remember seeing them before. seems to be one but I don’t know if you should use it, you could ask general coders in China what they may recommend.

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Thanks for your solution, I know it’s the most straight way but there’s some new difficulties, a macos computer is needed for example.
I know clones of GitHub in China, is one of them. I’m moving defold extensions to it.
Thank you for your advice again.

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AWS EC2 has macOS instances as well so that should still be an option for its Singapore region… but it would cost a lot unfortunately.

There are macOS instances you can rent time elsewhere as well, maybe there is one that will work in Asia.

After some private discussion with @COCO we’re looking into this, but we’d also like to move away from AWS and try cheaper hosting options. There are alternatives such as linode which would help in cutting hosting cost a bit. But the fact that we also need a macOS instance for macOS and iOS builds is a problem.

As for using a GitHub mirror I’m a bit concerned by the security implications. I think we need to add a checksum check in the editor and Bob to verify that a downloaded extension hasn’t been tampered with (for instance by hardcoding an advertiser ID in an ad extension or injecting malicious code).