Brain Please Don't

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe!

We (Critique Gaming, the devs of Interrogation) just surprise-released a very short and very cheap game about mental health and coming-of-age. We made it for Global Game Jam some time ago and we felt it would have been a pity for it to just lie in a Git repo unplayed. We hope you enjoy playing it at least as much as we did making it!

Take care of yourselves in these trying times!


Can’t wait to play this later!


hey!!! just finished playing through this!! I really enjoyed the experience, I miss playing video games and it’s nice to see what people are working on. I would like to play again later and see if it is different the second time through. It’s weird, but I think it is useful to try and apply the sort of theory in the game to real life (“today you are slept badly, prepare for sadness”).