Bore blasters

Looks great, wishlisted!


Thanks for the support everybody! I’m super excited about this game. I’ve taken a lot of what I’ve learned from Void Scrappers, and applied it to something that isn’t quite so close to the Vampire Survivors formula. Wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off, but I am very pleased with the game feel we’ve achieved so far. It feels very powerful and intense, which is just what we wanted.

Working with Defold :defold: remains fantastic, and I recommend the engine to anyone that asks. Thanks to everybody on the forums/Discord, thanks to everyone making extensions, and thanks to the Defold team!

If I may shill a bit further… :see_no_evil: We are so close to 100 followers on Steam! Maybe someone could push us over the edge! :eyes:







Thanks a lot everyone!

To celebrate, I have just donated $100 to Defold.

If you use and appreciate Defold, please consider donating (one-off and recurring donations are available).


I’ve just posted an HTML5 demo of BORE BLASTERS!

Play now on your preferred site: BORE BLASTERS demo by 8BitSkull
Newgrounds: BORE BLASTERS demo

The game is very demanding and may sometimes perform poorly in browser (particularly if your run pops off!) so I am happy to announce that the Steam demo will follow soon, which will include a taste of the Campaign mode!

I would love to hear what you think! Ideas, suggestions, bug reports - everything is welcome.


The demo is live now on Steam!

It includes a first look at the narrative in Campaign Mode. Progression will be saved for the full version!

Please let me know if you experience any issues or if you have any ideas.


Amazing, well done! Wishlisted! A minor thing I noticed was that I keep firing without pressing the mouse if I release the left mouse button during a tutorial popup and then press any key. Anyway, just a small thing.

Looking forward to the release!


Awesome! Well done, attention to details, very addictive! :tada:

I tried the demo mode on Steam Deck, everything works great out of the box :ok_hand:. From what I feel your games are getting better and better. :clap:


Wow! This is superb. I play the game with xbox x controller and it is a huge joy. Not a big deal but I had to assign L1 and R1 for fire(default assigned R-L buttons doesn’t work for me ).
Beautiful art, even level selection is super great, great tutorials and campaign, very well balanced. Nothing more to say, new hit is coming :smiley: Can’t wait to play the full version.

Same with controller


@einar , @astrochili , @selimanac - thank you so much for your lovely comments!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It really means a lot.

Really appreciate the feedback as well!

These will be fixed in the next build!

I will try to add more default bindings to hopefully address this too!

Thanks again Selim for the AABB extension, of course it’s being used here too. :slight_smile: