Bomb Frog


Bomb Frog is a mashup of of Pacman, Frogger, Battleship with a touch of Monopoly.

Collect bombs and use them to uncover hidden treasure and vanquish resident ghosts from the arena. You’ll need to collect a certain amount of treasure to progress to the next level - this target is displayed in the lower left of the game.

Controls are included in the game. There are presently 8 levels of increasing difficulty.

There is an HTML5 build of the current progress of the game.

Link on community page :






I thought I will fall when stepping on the destroyed tile, but accidentally moved on them and the frog was flying over :smiley: For ghosts it’s ok, but I think it would be even more difficult if you block the possibility to move on destroyed tiles! :wink: Generally, great game, as always! :smiley:



Thanks for the feedback! Always useful to get different views. Blocking the player from moving into destroyed areas might be problematic in that you could easily become trapped on an ‘island’ and unable to finish the level!

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But that would be definitely player’s fault :stuck_out_tongue: Ok, so maybe another type of tile could be displayed, where the bomb exploded on them, like an post-explosion dirty tile effect :smiley:



I love the color pallet of our game and the art style.

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This game won the game jam it was entered into. People are starting to notice Defold in the game jam community! Link to jam results -



Congratz! It’s really darn fun game! Well deserved win! Visuals of your games are always something to behold #goalz :smiley:



Congrats man!!

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