Hello, everyone!

I thought that I would share our first project made with Defold. Introducing: Block-Chain, a free grid-based puzzle game. You swipe the blocks to form chains, and tap to clear all colored blocks from the board. Different blocks have different properties, so you’ll have to put those puzzle solving skills to work. :slight_smile:
Currently the game has 155 levels and 3 different game modes, with leaderboards included. More levels will be added in the future.

Thank you to the Defold developers for this wonderful engine, and a special shout out to @agulev for his personal help with his DefVideoAds extension.

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Google Play

Thanks for checking it out!
Studio Aubergine


Nice! Congrats on your Defold game release!


I really like the puzzle mechanics and the art-style, congrats on the release!

Are you considering adding an option to pay for an ad-free version?


Nice work! How long did it take you to make this game?
What was the hardest parts to figure out/work with?


indeed. Haven’t seen much of your team on forums (or did I miss?), so maybe you’d take a moment to share some impressions about Defold and perhaps your team?


Congratulations on shipping, it’s awesome that you have released on iOS as well so I can play! :smiley:

How long have you been developing this game? It’s really cool seeing projects being announced and published like this, makes you wonder how many games are being developed without us even knowing. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Yes, that is a feature that will be added soon, hopefully in the next update.


It took about maybe 5 months or so of development and about 1 month for testing, bug fixes, etc. Probably the hardest parts were getting the visual style and music right. The game went through several visual iterations (as well as gameplay ones). Luckily, prototyping was extremely easy with Defold, so once I figured out the right algorithm for chaining the blocks and other mechanics, changing the look was simple. :slight_smile:


Hi! We are a two-person team based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. This game was our first foray into Defold, and we cannot say enough about how amazing this engine is. Prototyping the first version of the game took maybe two days, and even though this prototype wasn’t completely representative of the final game, merely setting up the basic interactions between blocks and the formation of the grid was extremely simple.

One of my favorite features in Defold is the GUI system. We had previously developed mobile games using GameMaker, and in that engine, drawing the GUI was programmatic. Being able to just easily visualize the interface by making a node and dragging it to the desired place is like night and day.

Overall, we’ve had a very positive experience developing with Defold, and cannot wait to use it in future projects!


Thank you! I’m glad that you are able to play it :smiley:

The game took about 5 months to develop and about 1 month to test. It went through at least 3 major iterative gameplay and visual overhauls throughout its development.


Ah, so much love. I get all giddy! Thank you for the kind words!


Cool! Congratulations to the release. Enjoying the game here on my vacation.



Cool game! Congratulations!


Really awesome, @karawra – congratulations on the release, and thank you for the kind words on Defold :heart:


New update is out, with 20 more levels in classic mode :slight_smile:.
Thanks to feedback here, there is now IAP to remove ads. Special thanks to @Dragosha and @britzl for their help with configuring IAP for Android.