Bleach Game


Here’s my entry for the GDC Competition, there’s still a lot to do, but it gives you an idea of where I’m going with it, none violence is a big part of the game design for me.

The world is being polluted by the overuse of magic, Kroma an apprentice has stumbled on a remedy, a re-loadable wand that can fix the damage done.

In time there will be puzzles to solve, switches, doors, moving platforms, traps and a necessary wand colour changes to be able to reverse the rages of magic for different objects


Wow, the art is fantastic!


thanks @Erik_Honn, appreciate it, hope you’re going to be a judge. :innocent:


Really is a beautiful game!


Thankyou @c.arnez.washington, I hope to get it playable in time for the competition.


Thanks with the help and power of @britzl, (together with the whole defold/king team) who’ve saved a many game developers code in their game. I’ve been able to have my player controllable with mouse, which should allow directional spell casting which will greatly enhance the puzzle element of the game.


Haha that’s awesome! :smiley:


Thanks @sven, appreciate the comment. :slight_smile: gave me a right headache as it’s also a spine animtion.


Well done!
I really like your graphics. good luck in the competition!


Cheers @nicloay, good luck too, I hope your entering your game?


New Update. Complete control over character, directional spell casting, will now allow a game to develop around Kroma the main character.


Published to, if you fancy a go, would like feed back of any kind if you feel up to it.


I really like the graphics! Beautifully drawn trees, mushrooms and so on! I think the controls could be improved a bit. The character feels a bit sluggish. I’d like for him to move and turn a bit faster.


Thanks for the feed back, will play test a faster character, :slight_smile:


I like the graphics too, well done.

Regarding the controls i had less problems with speed, but more with precision. I had a hard time hitting the smaller platforms because the character overshoots a lot and slips past the platform i intent to reach. So i need to be more careful than in other platformers i played. And i was wondering why i only jump a few pixels high. Kinda forced me to discover the double-jump because i wanted to go higher.

Oh, and i managed to fall through the world at the bridge with the crystals beneath it… :wink:


More speed? :smiley:

It’s a ‘stop and smell the flowers’ kind of game.

  • Phil Fish

The graphics are superb and the same thing can be said about OST. I didn’t have problems with overshooting, but rather with not being able to reach some platforms.

edit: wait, there is double jump?


Wah?! Ok, that’s good to know. I guess a part of my request for more speed was that I felt that I wasn’t able to reach certain places and with more speed I would perhaps have reacher further.

BTW, my remark on speed was mostly a reaction to the inertia when turning. I would have preferred if turning while moving had felt more immediate.


Ok cool guys, this is all great feedback, this is still a prototype, so there’s a ton of stuff to sort out, currently battling with z fighting at the moment. Will put up on itch about double jump, and I guess should say, hold space for a higher jump. @Daggett will need to change some angles, cheers.


Thanks gents, I’ve doubled his turn rate, increase his speed by 15%, and fixed the fall through (hopefully), also cast spells is 60% faster, and I agree the game does feel crisper.


Did you update the game on It doesn’t load for me.