Blastlands: Team Combat


We have released a new version of Blastlands today (0.8.9) with the following improvements:

  • New game mode selection screen
  • Units no longer immediately take damage from touching a wall
  • XP awarded for more things such as completing team matches
  • New sound effects
  • Tons of bug-fixes and general improvements

Please get in there and see what you think about our new game mode screen. Also please give feedback in our forum: . We are REALLY interested in your opinions about the game.



This sprint we fixed a lot of things that we got through your feedback including:

  • New controls: It’s now easier to control your unit. Or is it? Let us know!
  • Introducing Daily Missions. Complete these and the spoils of war are yours.
  • Improved bots. Not quite the cannon fodder they were before.
  • Bots are now distinguishable from real players.
  • Quick tech tree selection now available for Free For All mode.
  • Team lobbies show estimated waiting time counter.
  • Landscape screen on both sides + Dimming off
  • A GAZILLION bug fixes.

Download and see if you like the improvements. And as always please give us feedback on the game.



The game is picking up so if you try it now you probably won’t be fighting only bots :slight_smile:

UNIT_2 :arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: UNIT_7

  • New Unit! An elite Savvy Neal had been introduced to assist with decimating the enemy. (Replacing the motorcycle unit, it just didnt work out well)
  • Better spawning! Tactical insertion is now anywhere on the battlefield so be prepared for a hot landing.
  • XP Levels adjusted. Units and Game Modes now unlock at different stages.
  • Fixed the nasty bugs that may have stopped your game from loading.


We launched our new site for blastlands!

Check it out here


As a first step of really big changes to our game we are now releasing a new version of Blastlands with total new controls and health regeneration!
Please try it out and see if you think it is an improvement.

Some of the changes:

  • Controls have been revamped resulting in all future “battlefield hoedowns” being cancelled until further notice
  • Health regeneration introduced. Stay out of trouble to get a welcome health boost
  • Tanks no longer take damage from their own explosions in FFA.
  • Unit balancing: all unit stats have been adjusted
  • Visuals: a new and pretty looking health bar, dazzling new loading screens, existing maps given a fresh lick of paint
  • Another BAJILLION bug fixes


I dont understand :smiley:
This all is in 3D !!! But …but, how ? Are there any tutorials how making such 3D things inside DeFold ?
Ehm…yeah, superb Game ! I love the comic-look 3D style !!! Amazing work !


While our tools and engine APIs are mainly focused towards making great 2D games the engine itself is fully 3D and we do have a Model component for loading 3D models and animations. The model component paired with a perspective projection camera and you have the basic building blocks for creating 3D games.

We have in our roadmap to improve 3D support in the engine and editor to make it easier to create full 3D games. But we will likely never really compete with Unreal and other more 3D centric game engines.


K … so if there also some tutorials will be included, how to accomplish a nice looking game like “Blastlands”, it would be great !

To be honest, i don´t like like openGL ES 3+, directX 10+ and shaderModel 3+. As i am working on a windows-machine, the directX 9 API satisfied me for everything. And its super performant ! No need for “displacement mapping” as normal-maps are enough. Anyways …

If the new Defold 3D can handle shadow-maps, normal-maps, glossy shading, mat-caps (i guess they are performance friendly) and fresnel-shading (could support a desired comic-look) everything is fine ! :grinning:


I did some tests in the past for mat-caps DefMaterial - A Collection of 2D + 3D Materials


Ah ok…i tooked a look. Awesome. Exactly what i was searching for. Fresnel-shader was also there :heart_eyes: . And i think some sort of soft-shadows that i saw …


Just be warned that those shaders are old and you will likely need to adapt them to the most recent model shader in the builtins for vertex positions. I think there was an issue with the older tests but I have not messed with them in a while.


Hello There
THis game looks amazing…
But I personnaly faced some issues in the game :

On my android phone,

  • I could’nt get my character moving. I tried dragging the left onscreen game controller several times…
  • On the main game screen, pressing the back button doesn’t exit the game… I had to force exiting it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your praise. @astonbraham That doesn’t sound good at all.
Do you see any other units running around when playing or is it “frozen”. Do the units animate (but not moving around)? If you could create a video of it would be really awesome and help me a lot.
Other stuff: what hardware are you playing on? Where are you playing from (country)




Thank you for your kind words. I am actually planning on writing a bigger wall of text soon to describe how we decided to set it all up and how to achieve that mix of 3D/2D that we have in our game.



Thanks Mr @andreas.strangequest ,
Other units are moving… I will try to record my ingame screen and let you see…
I’m playing from TOGO :togo: (West Africa) using an Infinix HOT 4 Smartphone if it can help :slight_smile:

Edit: I just launched the game once again and it seems to be fixed… My character moves perfectly… :smiley: :-1:


I know it’s been silent here for a long time.
We are currently working on a big changes for the game almost redoing everything. It will be very exciting to see your reactions to it.

Once we get it out there (early 2019) I will be able much more to talk about how we did it all in Defold and also maybe start streaming some of my day to day development meanwhile explaining how we made it all happen.

So many topics I would love to cover.
The network code, the headless server on AWS, the perspective/2d3d-mix, how we compose our units etc etc. If there’s something in particular you are interested to hear about please send me some request

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see your streams! You’ll probably be able to get a decent non-dev/gamer audience if you Stream on twitch.


i’m interested in your game server, it works smoothly and run fast.


Blastlands: Team Combat
Version 0.14 is OUT!

This is the one!
We have fought long and hard to reshape so many things in this game. New units, new classes with abilities. A whole new tech tree. Seasons… Even a new name :smiley:
So many things that it is almost a whole new game.

Here is a link with some more info about what is new

Unfortunately for some of you, we are taking this one slow and will only have the game available in a few countries, slowly increasing the scope as we are confident with the tech and the numbers.
Also, it is finally released on both android AND iOS

This time we are starting with: Sweden, Philippines, Thailand, Slovakia and Brazil.
More countries to come soon.

This also means that I can probably start soon being a little more transparent with what we are working on and maybe stream a little. Cant wait to talk about how we did it.

Big thanks to this community and to the Defold-team for all the support and help.


This is great, congrats on the release! Awesome game, as well—I’m hooked :slight_smile:

Minor feedback/bug reports:

  • Pressed the “View highlights” after a game. Changed my mind and tried to close the replay, but I couldn’t find a way to do so. Is there one?

  • Collected a chute reinforcement; the screen said “Freeze!”, but it didn’t appear like anything was happening. Until two matches later when I, myself, got frozen. Would have been nice to get some sort of feedback or indication on what the booster does the first time, maybe through a subtitle, like “Freeze! [Enemies are frozen]” or similar.

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