Background image is not rendering

I simply downloaded the Defold (1.6.2) on newly installed Ubuntu (22.04.03)
and installed libopenal-dev

On launching the Defold editor and selecting the New Project , from template mobile game.
and on hitting F5, I am getting :

Please help, what I am missing.

Same on Windows and HTML5. I suspect it’s the same on every platform. I was able to fix this by increasing the Z position on both sprites by 1.

I don’t know why this is happening though. Maybe an issue with the new render script? But DEFAULT_FAR is -1, which suggests this should work fine with the default far plane.

This is a side-effect of the new render script. We forgot to update this template, but @AGulev did an update less than an hour ago:

Since we now also render models by default stencil tests are enabled and sprites should be put on less than the near and far value (ie -1 and 1 are exclusive now).