Avast antivirus deleted defold.exe

I decided to try using Defold. After downloading, unzipping and launching Defold, Avast deleted the defold.exe file and placed it in quarantine. More precisely, java.exe was quarantined, and both files were deleted. When unzipping again, part of 7-zip was also deleted.
I returned them from quarantine, and added the Defold folder to the exceptions. Now everything is fine and working.
The files were sent to Avast for analysis and marked as a false alarm.
The topic was created to highlight the problem and show an obvious solution. The topic can be marked as resolved. Thank you!

img quarantine


Wow, it deleted both Defold and 7Zip!

So just delete Avast to solve it =))
Honestly I don’t use any anti virus since I have Windows Security and the system is still working smoothly

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