Assertion Failed - size <= Capacity() in dmsdk/dlib/array.h


Am getting the following assertion regularly (about once an hour)

Assertion failed: size <= Capacity(), file d:\a\defold\defold\tmp\dynamo_home\sdk\include\dmsdk/dlib/array.h, line 444

Happens on Windows debug builds and HTML5 release (haven’t tested others)

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Crash when IDE player is passive

Ok, it should then also tried to print out the callstack (in version 1.2.164), did you see anything else (e.g on Windows)?

It should also have output a .dmpfile on Windows. This file is very useful for us.

Also, are you using native extensions? Then we also need your custom engine and .pdb file. You can get that by selecting to bundle with debug symbols.



I can only see the assert - no callstack output or .dmp file. The game just freezes for a moment then exits and the assert is left in the console window. This seems to be associated with loading/unloading collections.

I’m not using an native extensions.

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Is it possible for you to share the project? (



Have emailed you the project with instructions on how to reproduce the error.



Can you share any updates on this? Can it be solved? What is causing it?

It is happening to me sometimes when starting the game (sometimes, when I drag or maximize a window soon after starting (when loading collection probably), sometimes when just loading a new collection)

It was stated to be fixed in 1.2.147

Defold 1.2.168

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It’s in the planned tasks for 1.2.170 (