Application don't run, if making a lot of touches (Android) (DEF-192) (SOLVED)

#1 from Family age found this bug recently
So, “Test on Defold”

If on application start (Only android, not iOS) i will make a lot of touches, game will not start, until I dont stop doing this touches.
So, every game on Defold can be tested by this way :slight_smile:
Not critical, but I found this bug funny


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Hmm, I recognise this one. I believe we actually have it in our bug list…

Ooooh, it’s super old: DEF-192 (!). I found it during an internal test ages ago but we decided to not fix it as it felt like highly unlikely that anyone would ever find it. Also the severity is very low.

BUT now that you’ve found it I think it’s time to re-open the issue. I’d also like to award you with a title, perhaps “Insality the Tomb Raider” or “Insality the Necromancer” or something like that.


Wow, so cool story about this bug, nice :slight_smile:
It is true, chance to get it in production is really low, but anyway :wink:

PS. Necromancer sounds sweety :smiley:


Now I understand why my game sometimes loads too long when Google Play run autotests for Pre-launch reports. (There is a bot that tap everywhere and very often)


All the more reason to fix it! :slight_smile:


Oh, didn’t know about this. Interesting!



Released in 1.2.143