Apple GameKit Game Center Extension


The GameKit native extension and demo Defold project I’ve been working on is now released:

It is still a work in progress but the following integrated GameKit features are functional:
Players, Leaderboards, Achievements, View Controllers and Errors.

I’ll be adding Real-Time Matches next.

Possible GameKit features to be integrated: Challenges, Player Invitations, Notifications, Entitlements, Turn-based Games and Save Game Data.

Thanks to @RG1, @Dragosha, @britzl and @sergey.lerg for their public code examples, it really helped me understand how native extensions are done in Defold.

Note, this extension uses Game Center playerID to support lower iOS versions than iOS 13.
As of iOS 13, Game Center playerID is deprecated. It will be replaced with gamePlayerID and teamPlayerID:

I don’t own an iOS 13 device, so I haven’t been able to test what happens to playerID in iOS 13.
If you find any bugs or have any questions please post them here.


GameKit and Google Play Services

Really cool. Please submit it to the asset portal!



I haven’t switched to Defold but my native game uses playerID and I just checked in the iOS 13 Simulator. It is still the same string it’s always been.



Good to know playerID still works in iOS 13 as well. @radiofreelunch, Thanks for the info.



Game Center Real-Time Match features have been added to the extension and pushed to GitHub.

I’ll continue to work on the Game Center Save Game Data features as soon as this Defold bug with iOS entitlements not merging is fixed.



WOW this is great! Thanks a lot

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