App and window icon on Windows (DEF-3126) (SOLVED)

I am still unable to add a custom icon into my Windows bundles. Application still has the defold icon. Unable to release application until we can properly brand the app. I am using version 1.2.152

We’re all away on a corporate event this week, but we’ll take a look at this on Monday.

@Pkeod. You got Windows icons to work didn’t you?

Yes - I think we rely on DefOS to display the window icon properly. You can check the DefOS example for an example on how to set window icon fully.

@david.oshiro How are you making your Windows ICO file? Can you upload sample? I think ones generated from work if you upload a large enough size.






We obviously need to document the requirements and steps better. I’ll make a note and make sure we update it next week.

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@david.oshiro could you explain a bit more what you have tried? It should be a .ico file as described here: App and window icon on Windows (DEF-3126) (SOLVED)

These settings appear to have worked. It is weird to have to use an extension to add an icon to your app. I also noticed that the order of the layers makes a difference. It should be listed like your example from largest to smallest. I had it reversed and the icon did not show up.

It’s because of the legacy of Defold being mobile first and not desktop first, but at least these days we can get most of the desktop polish we want. I still think DefOS should be an official part of the engine even if its functions are also an optional extension. And icons should work without the extension needed.

Posting this pre-emptively in case someone bumps into the same issue I just did.

The website previously referred to by Pkeod is dead. I managed to get a working icon from:

I created a multi-resolution icon from a 256x256 PNG. Ticked the following sizes:

Which sizes are selected appears important - when I had them all ticked the icon didn’t work.

Beyond that I followed the DefOS instructions posted above.


I’ve added a ticket to the 1.3.6 release to investigate and hopefully fix them windows icon generator.