API Reference for Atom


As I am using Atom a lot to code, thanks to the awesome @dapetcu21 defold-ide extension, I made an extension myself that helps me consult the Defold API reference docs without going back and forth with the browser.

You can find the repository here https://github.com/otapliger/defold-api
and the atom package page here https://atom.io/packages/defold-api

After installing it, you can open the pane from the menu bar or pressing ctrl-alt-o on the keyboard

Plans for the future:

  • Add an option to change the local-server port
  • Add an option to make the pane use the colours of the current atom theme

Adding a function of using other code editors and offline mode

Cool! If you want to pull the docs offline we have them in json format (with html doc srings) as well. DM me if you want to have a look.


they are already offline. The way it works now is creating a local-server and providing the pages through it




Maybe after I’m done with exams, we could find a way to integrate this into defold-ide’s “More” link :smiley:


Definitely! Would be great :slight_smile:


Also, no need to add option to change keyboard shortcut because every keyboard shortcut is customisable in Atom anyway.


I see… good to know :smiley:


Damn, noyce work @otapliger. :+1:


Thank you very much.
Last days i had a very terrible internet connections and on macos is only one option - using Dash. but i don’t want to pay 30$ just for offline doc viewer so couple of times i just waited 10 seconds until it showed me what i need.

Good luck in development! Atom is really handy tool and save a lot of time in development. And i’m happy that you and @dapetcu21 doing this great stuff. Thank you all again!


Try Zeal, it’s pretty much the same thing as Dash, except it’s free and multi-platform.


Although if Atom is your editor of choice it’s a little bit pointless to have another app open. :slight_smile:


I know about zeal. but i think it require some magic with xquarts as it not showed at download page. And even if it will work i don’t like not native application because of different hot keys and ui.


Sorry, didn’t realise they don’t do macOS natively


Updated to the API reference last version (1.2.98)


I finally had the time to update the package to the last version of Defold (1.2.108) :slight_smile: Thanks to @britzl as I am using his python script to download and automatically create the docs. It is much easier to keep it up to date!


Hmm, unfortunately I cant get it to work. Short cut on OSX doesnt seem to work and when looking in Menu/Packages/Defold_API there is only one About button that doesnt work. Tried rebind shortcut to cmd but nothing…


I see… I had the same problem as soon after I published the package. I shut down windows, reopened Atom and an info box appeared suggesting me to rebuild the package. I clicked rebuild and it worked. I thought it was just me but it seems I was wrong :slight_smile: let me investigate more on this and I will hopefully publish a working version today. Thanks for the feedback :wink:


BTW, the About button is just a placeholder for now and does nothing


Ok, I am not sure if I fixed it or not as I couldn’t replicate the problem again, but I published a new version which I think will solve it. If you want to try to download, please let me know if you still have the problem. In that case, the quickest solution I can give you now is going to the package directory (.atom\packages\defold-api inside your user folder) and running in the terminal “apm rebuild” without quotes


Updated the API reference to the last version (1.2.122) and the Atom package version from now on corresponds to the Defold API reference version it is using. So Defold-API 1.2.122 means it us using Defold 1.2.122 as API

now, as I don’t update often, do you people still use this extension? do you think it is useful?
also, when I update, do you prefer that I dont post it here so it not bumps up in the forum?