Anyone want to work on a project together?

I am new to games / defold but have been developing websites, apps and enterprise applications for a bit.
I’ve a game currently working in defold and maybe I could learn faster with partner(s). Perhaps we both can.

Here is screen shot.

I have a few other ideas for games and would like others to bounce off some ideas and collaborate with some people.
I am based in San Francisco Bay area, but open to work with anyone that I can communicate with and is willing.



I am interested. You can reach me via my email.


I’ve moved on to VR and AR development.
Let me know if interested in that.


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At the moment It’s beyond my interest. Thanks for your invitation. :slight_smile:

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Hey Cool_Down … are you still interested in working with someone on a project or 2? I have many years of dev experience but new to Defold/Lua. I’m interested in any sort of game dev but looking for someone to work with.

Hi Phil.
I am interested.
you can contact me via