Another feature of Defold over Godot: Arranging assets and folders


In Godot if you move an asset or folder inside editor it will break your project as all scenes must be referenced exactly. But renaming moving to a new folder etc it will break your project. They even talk about this in many of the forms and docs as being brittle or easily broken. so they try encourage the use of signals instead- but that didnt seem to help me.

Defold messaging / addressing url system is similar in appearance. To day out of curiosity I moved, sorted renamed over 100 elements, folders, assets, collections inside of editor. And it did not affect anything but my sprite assignments which I updated quickly. SO in Defold Im no longer afraid of re-organizing or renaming for convention as it did not crash my project.

When I did this in Godot it made my project unloadable.

Way to go and thanks whoever designed Defold not to crash when the project is reorganized or named!!!



:slight_smile: As long as you reorganise or rename your assets from within the editor everything should work always. If you move stuff around outside of Defold things will break.



Of course!