Another defold template this time with ts and cicd

So I love defold and I have gotten pretty deep into a project. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way and I wanted to give back after all of the help I have gotten from here.
Heres the link

What’s included:

  • defold-ts
  • deftest
  • custom types for deftest
  • ci for testing in gh actions
  • custom scripts
    • setupTests.js (swaps main collection to test view and back to main)
    • boilerPlateGen.js (makes mostly blank ts files for tests,scripts,gui scripts)
    • docsGen.js (the way our ts files are its kinda strange and we need a script to pass it into ts doc)
  • tsdoc
  • examples of how to use some defold apis in ts (its mostly the same as lua just with types)
  • working ios and android cd (easy to copy for desktop if you want)

Nice, thank you for sharing!

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This is cool. Integrating deftest seems like a great idea. Thank for sharing.

P.S. You could make it easier for TS-Defold users to find by tagging it ts-defold-template on Github

P.P.S. You can contribute the Deftest types to the type library if you are feeling generous. :innocent:


Stellar work! :pray: