Angry Keys- A music game concept

I am at hurry up and wait stage on the rabbits v marbles game for some things from others.

So In the meantime I decided to start work on this little gem. SO this maybe a over done, or underdone concept. But one that just seems fun to me. I was reviewing 3d models with my wife and had four objects in a row in preview windows and started making them spin at each note on the song playing “Went thru the desert on a horse with no name” is lyrics dont know the actual name.) on Pandora. My wife was like make that a game! She rarely involves herself in my projects so I was like hmmmm…

So a game where a button is a character and either dances or sings when a note is caught or collides with him. So that I think in my chemo induced state “could be fun”

So Im posting my concept doc looking for feedback- good idea? Bad idea? what seems a good path and what seems poor? I am thinking “save finding music” this should be a fast project.

Angry Keys music game.pdf (43.5 KB)

Thanks JB


This does seem like it could be fun for the right audience. Don’t disregard ads for monetization, rewarded videos can be the easiest way to keep people happy while still getting money.

When you get a minimal version playable please share it as an HTML5 build on!

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Thank you, good insight I have not done monetization before. :slight_smile:

I have dev log of rabbits in and I was planning on doing prelease demos. Makes sense to do that here.

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A Horse With No Name by America, a serious contender for being my favourite song of all times.

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Awesome I knew somebody remember!