Android runtime permissions extension



I’ve created extension that allows to request runtime permissions on android.

You could find documentation and examples at github page.

Feel free to ask questions, make pull requests and issues.



Great, thank you for sharing!

Currently no other platforms have runtime permissions, but if there are in the future then it would make more sense if this extension was named permissions instead of android_permissions.



I’ve thought about it but semantic difference between permission systems is pretty big.

One system has some permissions and other does not. One system has several method/idioms and other does not. So abstraction above current and future permission systems may be pretty hard to implement and use.

I believe that better way is:

  1. create separate module for every permission system.
  2. create pure lua module (‘permissions’) that will make abstraction for every one of platform modules

With such approach user could make fine tuning for particular OS and use common abstraction for simple situations.



Ok, good arguments!

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