Android Instant game: 32-bit worked, 64-bit crashed (SOLVED)



Defold Editor 2, 1.2.154 was used to create the instant apk. project/bundle/android application. 32/64-bit both selected.

Steps in below link were followed except zipalign and apksigner were from Android

apk for instant 32/64-bit game was created and uploaded to Google Play successfully.

32-bit Android phone: nexus 5, android 6.0.1, when clicking “TRY NOW,” it worked.

64-bit Android phone: samsung galaxy A7, android 8.0.0. when clicking “TRY NOW,” it crashed.
no logcat can be generated as adb does not work with samsung.

please help.



I googled a bit about it and found that it could be related to your device issue. Just try to do the next steps:

  1. Open settings on your phone
  2. Find “Google” option
  3. “Google Play Instant” menu
  4. Turn off toggle
  5. Turn on again
  6. Tap “Yes, I’m in”
  7. Try again to launch your instant app


It worked! Now the Instant game works on both 32/64-bit android phones. Thanks a lot!!!