Android bundling error (SOLVED)


This morning I built for Android and it worked fine. Now I keep getting this error:

Deleted everything in .internal didn’t help. Did something change, or could it be my connection or something else?

Edit: After updating Defold to the latest version (1.2.170) and restarting the computer the issue still happens.

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Yeah, somehow the live server has an issue with syncing gradle dependencies.

We’re currently looking into it.
Please use this build server in the meantime:

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Great, thanks @Mathias_Westerdahl!

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And, now I’ve re-released the live server, and it’s up and running properly.



Works. Is it just me, or is the bundling MUCH faster now?



If you bundle an APK there should be no difference in speed. Please also note the new Use Texture Compression setting in the bundle dialog (it used to be always on I think). Perhaps you’re now bundling without texture compression enabled?



Strange! Nope texture compression is on and bundling to .apk. Let’s not analyse this feeling, I’ll just enjoy it instead. :slight_smile: