Android build crashes on first lunch



spent too much time on this.

Since the defold update (but not sure it’s related), my android builds crashed on first lunch.
Only happen with internet on, so may be related to a dependency activated with internet that need a temporary or any folder to work that does not exists on first app lunch;

I try building with old working commits and old working defold editor version but still have same issue.

Android console don’t give me anything :

also have this but doesn’t seems related :

and adb shell don’t help me neither

Dependecies used on project:

If anyone got any idea i’m ready to try it, lost my night on this…




Not sure what’s wrong either. That callstack is way too short to be useful.
As for narrowing down the problem domain, remove dependencies until it doesn’t crash anymore, i.e. finding a possible culprit.
Also, perhaps the Android Studio would produce a better callstack for you?



yes I began doing this, but I have a lot a scripts to comment to avoid crashes related to missing dependencies…
i’ll keep you in touch



This is the best advice I can give as well!

You should make a habit of checking the availability of an extension before using it. Like this:

if push then
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Just make an empty project with all the dependencies. It might crash even without using the extensions in code.