Android: back button doesn't trigger the KEY_BACK event when keyboard is showing (DEF-3514) (SOLVED)


When the virtual keyboard is displaying on an Android app, clicking the back button (physical or virtual) does not trigger the KEY_BACK event, although it successfully hides the keyboard.
Once the keyboard has been hidden, clicking the back button correctly notifies the system with the KEY_BACK event.

We got this bug with the following phone:

  • Huawei P9 (code EVA-L09)
  • OS version Android 6
  • Huawei stock virtual keyboard

This happens both using the dmengine app to test and the release build.


And it behaves differently on some phones? Could it be related to the type of virtual keyboard used?


Created DEF-3514 to investigate this


sorry for the late reply and thank you for opening an issue on this.
It happens with all the devices we tested the game with.

It might depend on the fact that Android doesn’t trigger OnBackPressed when the back button is hit with the v-keyboard on.
If the engine propagates KEY_BACK by exclusively listening to that event then that could be a reason.


Released in 1.2.138